Can and bottle deposit

Product price of the drink plus € 0.25 one-way deposit.


The Ordinance on the Avoidance and Recovery of Packaging Waste (Packaging Ordinance) contains provisions on the obligation to charge a deposit and redemption of disposable beverage containers (called Dosenpfand). Accordingly, a mandatory deposit of at least € 0.25 must be subject to certain beverages in disposable beverage containers having a capacity of 0.1 to 3 liters.

Since 01 May 2006 is the deposit system for non-carbonated soft drinks and alcoholic drinks with an alcohol content of less than 15% by volume, provided they are not sold in ecologically advantageous one-way packaging.

The return of the one-way drinks packaging is in principle possible for all merchants, run the same way drinks packaging material in their range. Returns can not be limited as in the past on beverage containers that are comparable in terms of style, shape, size and content of the guided range of beverage packages on sale (so-called "island solutions"). For example, this will be returned at any supermarket a beverage can, the leading beverage cans in his range. The same goes for disposable glass bottles and plastic disposable bottles.

A special feature is, however, still for transactions with a total sales area of ​​less than 200 m². These transactions must only take back disposable beverage containers that brands they have on offer. Such small-scale businesses must therefore take back the box only for the beverage brand that they actually sell.